About us

Why the website?

We, the HealthTips Team feel that there is no greater treasure than health. We figured, combining our knowledge and skill set, we can create portal of informational and learning nature, to help as many people we can reach, as well as learn something new ourselves. Plus it’s fun.

We also have collaboration with many university professors and students related to the subjects we are covering. Providing health information is responsible task and we tend to do it professional. Our mission is to guide anyone who wants to lead healthy life through the basic rules of human nutrition, fitness and sports.

We are aware that science is complex, that’s why we will try all of our columns to be so simple that a 10 year old could understand, yet they will provide you with all the necessary information you need to maintain the lifestyle you always wanted. We promise to always be true and loyal to you, our most valuable followers, because with every single life that we change, we are becoming better people!

Stay positive, open minded and healthy! Maintaining healthy lifestyle in this modern world is hard, but it pays out all the time, every day.